W112 BHG as it looks today, complete with its recent respray to Chameleon Orange. (Click for full size)

W112 BHG, also known as SPEED 12 at some events is one of only two TVR Cerbera Speed 12s built, made in 2000 and originally painted Rosso Pearl, but later resprayed Rose Red in the mid '00s and eventually Chameleon Orange in late 2012. It was intended to be the fastest production car in the world, surpassing the McLaren F1, but the idea was quickly scrapped when Peter Wheeler, TVR's test driver at the time, tried to drive it home and found it too uncontrollable. After a few years, it was converted into a car that was still technically road legal, but even more extreme than the previous incarnation.

Car HistoryEdit

2000 - 2002Edit


A front view of how W112 BHG originally looked in 2000.

The Cerbera Speed 12 started life in 2000 as a road legal version of the Speed 12 Race Car. TVR were taking deposits of over $300,000 for people who wanted their own, so two pre-production prototypes were built, with this car being one of them. It was mainly a show car in its early life, attending events such as Goodwood and being modelled for the 2001 video game Gran Turismo 3. It was purported to have a sub 3-second 0-60 mph time and a top speed of over 240 mph, aswell as the typical lineup of unorthodox colours that the public had came to expect from TVR, although none of these claims were substantiated. Eventually, it fell into a state of disrepair sometime after 2001 and was left alone until 2003.

2003 - 2005Edit


W112 BHG as it appeared in EVO Magazine's May 2005 Issue.

In August 2003 TVR placed an advert in Auto Trader for this Speed 12. What TVR planned to do was to rebuild one of the prototypes and sell it on to an enthusiast. After careful consideration by Peter Wheeler, the deal was done and the Speed 12 was rebuilt and handed over to its new owner. Since the original bodywork had been destroyed, either from cannibalism or damage TVR had to use a remaining shell from one of the old GT racers, and body parts cannibalised from the other Cerbera Speed 12. This was actually a benefit, as it resulted in unintentional improved downforce. On top of that TVR did some more work on the engine and the ECU. After complete rebuilding, the car went onto race at several events and had sounds recorded for Gran Turismo 4. The car then featured in the May 2005 issue of EVO Magazine in which it was described as "awesome" and "terrifyingly quick" by test driver John Barker.

2006 - 2011Edit


W112 BHG fully rebuilt.

For the next five years, the TVR Cerbera Speed 12 was a regular attendee at various motor shows across the world.

2012 - PresentEdit

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