771 KRA is a 1990 2 door automatic green Aston Martin Virage. As of 2015 it is still running, having completed tours to Le Mans, Holland, Belgium, France and many in its UK home.


771 KRA as it looks today, for Aston Martin's 100th anniversary. (Click for full size)

Car HistoryEdit

Up until 2009, not much was known about the car. That changed when Tim Cottingham photogra phed this car for, and it soon became a sure sighting in most Aston Martin related events. After having won many classes at Aston Martin Owners Club concourse, in 2013 the car was prepared to factory condition, with the original rims re-fitted to compete in the Elite Class concours. In 2014 the car won the Elite Class and was also awarded the John Wyer Trophy for the best post-war Aston of 2014.


771 KRA as it looked in 2009.

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